Voluntary Catch and Release Q & A

 Q & A about Voluntary catch and release

Q. How can you tell if a fish is stressed from being out of the water?

A. A fish “breaths” oxygen from the water so a good way to judge how stressed a fish is from being out of water is to hold your breath as you lift the fish out of the water and try not to breath again till the fish is back in the lake. Do this a few times and you’ll find out why many people choose to keep the fish in a net in the lake as they release their catch.

Q. Why should I wet my hands before handling a live fish?

A. Fish rely on a gelatinous coating of “slime” to prevent infections from bacteria and fungus. Dry hands and rough surfaces remove this coating. Without the slime coating a fish is unprotected in the same way a person with a scrapped knee would be.