May 7, 2017 Board Meeting


May 7th, 2017

A meeting of the board of directors of the Blackwater Lake Association (“the BLA”) was held on the above date at 352 Norman Point Rd., Longville, MN 56655, at the home of Board Chair Lloyd Thielmann. Board of Directors Lloyd Thielmann, Barbie Laughlin, Dodi Sletten, Claus Peukert, Jerry Franke, Travis Skalicky, Linda Burns, and Becky Seemann were present at the meeting.  Dick Clough was present via phone. A quorum was present at the meeting.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:35 by Board Chair, Lloyd Thielmann.

Approval of Agenda

Lloyd distributed the agenda for the meeting which, upon motion duly made and seconded, was unanimously approved.

Approval of Prior Minutes

The minutes of the October 2, 2016 BOD meeting were distributed by Dodi Sletten via email and approved prior to the meeting. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting minutes were unanimously approved as submitted.  

Treasurer’s Report

 Linda Burns reported that our current cash balance was over $5,000. Linda indicated that we had a little over $1,000 that was earmarked for AIS. Membership was reported at approximately 118 members. A full treasurer’s report will be distributed by Linda for approval by the board. The board discussed holding off on a decision on how the AIS funds will be utilized.  As a reminder, the board gave preapproval to Linda in the October 2, 2016 board meeting to pay the following recurring expenditures:

  • LLAWF — ($1/per year membership)
  • MN Waters – (membership and web host fees)
  • ACCL
  • MN Lakes & Rivers Advocates
  • RMB Environmental Labs – (water quality testing)
  • Beaver Control
  • Seedlings Program
  • AIS Sign maintenance/mowing
  • 4th of July boat parade winner
  • Lakes Area First Responders donation

New Business

  1. AIS Grant Application: The board discussed the reasons for not applying for the DNR AIS grant as has been done in past years. The money to apply would negate the majority of the budget as well as Blackwater is not seen as having the necessary criteria to obtain approval.
  2. Beaver Control: A detailed report was sent to Lloyd on the beaver control services.  Lloyd distributed the report to the board members and noted a job very well accomplished by Chaz Ratz in keeping the culvert open and water flowing between Blackwater Lake and Women Lake. A consensus was reached by the board to not include this report in the Blackwater Blurb. A copy of this report will be available should anyone request it.
  3. Seedling Program: The budget for the Seedling Program was increased and approved to $400 via email prior to the board meeting. Barbie Laughlin indicated that she and Craig Laughlin would be willing to take over management of the program from Court Lechert after next year. Barbie proposed that the board consider restructuring the program to make it more equal proportionally for all members. The discussion was tabled for a later meeting. A recommendation was made and agreed to that a note would be published in the Blackwater Blurb informing members that plants can be obtained directly from Crow Wing County.
  4. Septic System Testing: Lloyd reported that no new requests for septic system testing have been received. The allowance per homeowner stands at $100 toward having it independently tested. Concerns were noted by the board on Cass County potentially requiring a 2 year cycle of having septic systems pumped and tested but no action at this time.
  5. Board of Directors Elections: Lloyd Thielmann and Linda Burns have agreed to rerun for their respective 3 year terms as officers. Lloyd also let the board know this would be his last term. Dick Clough informed the board he will not rerun as Vice Chair.  Becky Seemann, Travis Skalicky, and Jerry Franke have all agreed to re-run. A Vice Chair is needed to replace Dick. Becky proposed expanding our options in how we recruit members to serve on the board. Lloyd and Becky suggested a number of members who would be good on the board. Lloyd and Becky respectively will contact the individuals to gauge interest.  Discussion was held and agreement reached to list all members who have paid their dues in the May Blackwater Blurb newsletter. The board discussed sorting the list by the lake neighborhoods but as this effort would require a considerable effort; this was tabled. Linda and Becky will coordinate efforts for the article. Lloyd reported he will seek an invitation to Lake Haven Cabin Association’s fall meeting to invite them to join Blackwater Lake Association.

Actions: 1. Lloyd and Becky to contact members to gauge interest in serving on the board.

  1. Linda will provide a membership list to Becky who will write the article for the newsletter.
  2. AIS Early Detection Training: Lloyd reported he had contacted all neighboring lakes (Ponto, Island, and Mule) and heard back from Island that they would be interested in the training. The board agreed to set a date for the refresher course for the Blackwater volunteers and invite all associations for the training. Becky agreed to contact Carolyn Dindorf to obtain dates she could be available for training and coordinate reserving Woodrow Township Hall. Training materials will be sent to the respective associations. The board also proposed and approved a donation of $400 to Cass County.

Action:  Becky Seemann will contact Carolyn Dindorf for open training dates and coordinate reserving Woodrow Township Hall.

  1. ACCL Meetings: Lloyd reported that he will continue to attend the meetings. Both Becky and Claus have attended in the past. The meetings are held the last Friday of every month. Lloyd reminded the board members of the ACCL meetings and urged attendance if we are able. Whoever attends writes up a synopsis to send to the members.
  2. Blackwater Blurb: Lloyd set the deadline for the Blurb article submission as May 15, 2017. The articles that will be included will be the Treasurer’s report-Linda Burns, annual meeting notice (July 15, 2017), a list of the current members-Linda and Becky, application for membership with a change to include a willingness to serve on the board-Lloyd. A photo from 4th of July parade-Barbie. Becky will write the two stories on meet your neighbor’s profiles. Becky asked for assistance in getting names of members who would be willing to be interviewed. The board agreed the front page article would be a piece on tree species that grow well in different soils etc. and felt this timely due to the number of trees lot in last year’s storms-Barbie and Craig Laughlin will write the article. Becky will work on trying to get someone from the new group which is an offshoot of the LLAWF to talk at the annual meeting.
  3. Blackwater hats and wear: The board discussed ordering hats again. Linda suggested adding visors and the board agreed with the suggestion. Becky will check to find out if Jill from Pass It On is still available to do orders. She will confirm 20 is the minimum orders before deciding.  Becky will check with Janine Aaker as an alternative.

Action: Becky will contact the respective parties listed above and let the board know of the options and decision.

  1. Annual Meeting: July 15th, 2017 is the date for the annual meeting. 9:00a.m. will be the social hour with the meeting commencing at 10:00a.m. The board agreed to ask Larry and Carla Hunt to cater the luncheon. Actions are as follows:

Action: Lloyd will contact Larry and Carla to cater the luncheon.

Next Board Meetings

The next board meetings to be held at Lloyd’s at 8:30 a.m. on June 25, 2017.


There being no further business to come before the Board, and upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned by unanimous approval at 10:20 a.m.

Dated as of the date first written above.


Dodi Sletten, Secretary

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